Eye Health Examination

Before any vision therapy treatment is recommended; a comprehensive vision examination must be completed. This is done by your primary eye care doctor to determine if your eyes are healthy and/or in need of glasses. Contact us for a list of recommended providers near you if you do not currently have an eye care provider.

When you get the results of your eye examination have your doctor send a copy to our office. If the doctor says your child is 20/20 keep in mind clear vision (“20/20”) is only one of 15 visual skills necessary for academic success.


Binocular Vision Evaluation

Dr. Sis will complete a Binocular Vision Evaluation to determine how your child’s eyes work together, move, and change focus when reading and functioning in the classroom.

When necessary, Dr. Sis will let you know if additional testing is required beyond the Binocular Vision Evaluation.



Dr. Sis will need to get input from all parents/guardians in order to ensure that all necessary information is taken into account in designing your child’s treatment plan. It is strongly recommended that both parents be present for this appointment. Dr. Sis will review a great deal of information and may ask questions of a sensitive nature, our experience has been that children are self-conscious about these discussions and it is best if they are not in the room at that time. The consultation takes approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

Payment Options

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