“I love being able to give each patient all of my attention and help them succeed. I love finding ways to make sessions fun and engaging, tailoring experiences for each patient, and getting to know them each week.”

Prior to becoming a vision therapist, Teresa taught high school math for 13 years (algebra, geometry, algebra 2) at St. Francis High School. She took a leave of absence from teaching to stay home with her newborn son. A few years later, she had an eye exam where an eye coordination problem was found and she actually went through vision therapy. The vision problem she had was similar to most of our patients here at Pediatric Vision Development Center.

When asked how the eye coordination problem had impacted her life as a child, she shared, “Even though I was in honors and advanced reading when I was in grade school, I had chronic headaches and would often avoid reading.” She never thought to complain because she thought what she was experiencing was normal. In graduate school she could never finish reading assignments on time and would be forced to skim articles rather than read the full content just to get by.

After completing vision therapy, Dr. Sis could see that Teresa would make a great vision therapist and asked her to join our team. She clicked with the staff right away, and her teaching background plus having been a patient in the program helped her understand what most of our patients were experiencing.

During her free time she hangs out with her family, their dog and 13 chickens!


“I love hearing the stories from parents when they notice changes not only at school but with everyday tasks at home. I wish there was a way for parents to see all the great results that I do before they begin treatment. I see kid’s self-esteem, school grades and confidence grow as they complete.”

Before becoming a vision therapist, Sandy worked as a certified optician for 18 years. Sandy met Dr. Sis when they were both working at Blaine Eye Clinic. Dr. Sis introduced Vision Therapy to the clinic and Sandy became very interested when she saw the impact it made in patients’ lives. She loves working with kids and thought it would be a perfect fit to become a vision therapist.

In her free time, she loves hanging out with her family and is a MN Wild fan