How Does Vision Therapy Work?

Like many skills, visual skills are developed. Since they are developed, they can generally be improved through proper therapeutic techniques. In vision therapy, the optometrist prescribes visual tasks to be practiced under controlled conditions with the direction of one of our vision therapists. Repetition of these tasks enhances vision by coordinating and improving eye movement, focusing ability and helping proper eye-hand coordination develop as needed.

Individualized therapy
Each patient and their diagnosis is unique. Because of this each course of treatment is developed specifically for each patient. Vision therapy uses a combination of exercises and techniques paired with specialized equipment to create a therapy to address your child’s underlying challenges in the areas eye teaming, focusing, and tracking. In most cases a patient meets with our vision therapists once per week. Length of therapy program varies depending on diagnosis severity and home therapy completion.

Home Therapy
Home therapy completion is essential to success of vision therapy. Each week home therapy is assigned to help your child progress through his or her treatment program efficiently. Your child will work on these exercises between therapy sessions at home. This home therapy includes a computer software program that helps our vision therapy team track progress and provide supplemental activities for areas the patient is struggling most.