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At the Pediatric Vision Development Center, we provide the highest quality pediatric optometric vision therapy and patient care for Coon Rapids, Anoka, Ramsey, Andover, Ham Lake, Blaine, St. Francis, Cambridge, Blaine, Lino Lakes, Shoreview, Spring Lake Park, Brooklyn Park, Champlin, and Maple Grove. Our vision therapy services help treat a variety of vision problems such as eye turns and convergence insufficiency that can impact your child’s ability to read and process visual information.

Life-Changing Vision Therapy Services

Vision problems cannot always be corrected by traditional methods such as glasses. Vision therapy serves as a form of physical therapy to help train the eyes and brain to work better together.

This non-invasive treatment option uses a blend of specific eye exercises and equipment and tailored to meet the needs of each patient. Despite many patients and their families being told to learn to live with their condition, vision therapy is highly effective and can be done both at home and in our office. Visual therapy will help strengthen your child’s ability to receive and process visual information, thus fixing their visual problem.

Dr. Sis and the staff at the Pediatric Vision Development Center have extensive medical training and experience. The team works with patients suffering from binocular vision challenges, traumatic brain injuries, and specializes in caring for patients with special needs. We understand that every child and their diagnosis is unique, which is why we are committed to finding the best vision therapy treatment for your child.

If your child is having behavioral problems or a difficult time in school, he/she may be suffering from a vision problem such as amblyopia or double vision. To address these challenges, your child’s first appointment at the Pediatric Vision Development Center will include a consultation, comprehensive eye exam, and various tests. After these evaluations, Dr. Sis will confirm a diagnosis and discuss a recommended course of vision therapy treatment for your child.

In our vision therapy program, we prescribe visual tasks to be practiced under controlled conditions under the direction of one of our vision therapists either at home or in our office. Some treatment plans include tasks such as balance boards, specialized computer programs, prism lenses, and alternatives to eye patching.

Dr. Sis is compassionate, experienced, and dedicated to seeing that every patient gets the best possible vision therapy and care they deserve. Dr. Sis grew up with some of the same vision problems that many of her young patient’s experience, allowing her to better relate to the challenges and frustrations your child may be facing. She enjoys working with patients to help correct vision problems because she knows how important vision is to ensure your child can reach their full potential in the classroom and beyond.

We know each patient, and their diagnosis is so unique, which is why each treatment plan is personalized to meet the exact needs of your child. By receiving optometric vision therapy at our development center, your child will be in the best of hands.

For more information on vision therapy or to schedule your child’s appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (763) 390-0707.


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