• Maureen J.

    We started noticing that our daughter was having issues reading for long periods of time. We also noticed that she was straining to read and would give up on books quickly. When 4th grade started she was having the same issues at school as at home and was also not testing well on comprehension. She loved to read so it was concerning that she would give up on new chapter books and not seem to understand what she was reading. We also noticed that she was rubbing her eyes and would complain of headaches after reading, all of these things prompted us to have her vision tested. She loved the vision therapy that Dr. Sis recommended and would work hard on the exercises at home. It was awesome to see how quickly she improved. After each therapy appointment she would tell us how much easier it was getting to read, and how much she wanted new books to read. We have noticed that her comprehension has improved and she no longer complains of headaches or any other issues like before vision therapy. My daughter uses the skills that Dr. Sis gave her daily, and they have become second nature to her. We are excited for what she has learned and how with vision therapy so much has changed for her, thanks to Dr. Sis and her team! -

  • Kurbell W.

    The initial problem I had experienced was the inability to focus on text that I was reading due to the text doubling upwards, inability to concentrate, headaches, and my eyes kept skipping lines. This problem had a great effect upon my educational capabilities such as my ability to read text efficiently. I was the slowest reader in my entire class everyone would have finished reading a section of a passage when I would still be only half way done. This was due to me skipping lines unintentionally and having to go back and re-read what I had missed. After I started the therapy my vision improved at a fast rate. I was astonished. I no longer have headaches, double vision, and can concentrate without problems. Overall I have had one of the best medical experiences I have ever had, and I have had many. Initially I had thought that therapy would be drag and something I was going to dread, but just with the first session my entire state of mind was changed. This was due to the marvelous care I was presented with during the start of my therapy. I was always greeted with a warm smile and was sent off with an even warmer smile. In addition, every time I completed a session I left with joy knowing that my eyes were getting better. -

  • Leah F.

    Our experience with Dr. Sis has been wonderful. My son recently saw Dr. Sis (and her staff) for vision therapy. He had been experiencing headache and said last summer that sometimes it was hard to read because the words swam around on the page. We did weekly sessions with Dr. Sis as well as exercises (about 20-30 min/day) at home. The results were quick and steady, (he worked at least 5 times per week at home) and my son is now much happier about reading and says his headaches are gone. I asked him for his input and he said that he loves Dr. Sis and misses her now that we don’t see her weekly anymore. His teachers have said that his reading skills have greatly improved, we are just very happy all around. Thank you! -

  • Meria G.

    From the time my daughter Lilly was around 6 months old I started noticing her eyes started wandering. As Lilly got older things weren't getting any better so I decided to bring her to the eye doctor where she was given glasses. Lilly wore her glasses regularly but the problems were not getting any better, they were actually getting worse over time. Lilly was not able to read in class when all other students could, she was getting extreme headaches (to the point of vomiting!), her eyes were wandering way worse than normal, and she was missing school constantly. I brought Lilly to a yearly eye appointment where she met Dr. Sis, and I'm so thankful I did. From that day on was a new beginning for my daughter. Dr. Sis knew immediately what Lilly's vision problem was, and recommended vision therapy for her to correct her intermittent eye turn (exotropia). After starting therapy, I was noticed a change in Lilly's eyes every week. The headaches were starting to decrease, she wasn't missing school like she used to and she was starting to read. I knew from that point that this was the best decision that we have ever made and the BEST money I've ever spent. Meeting Dr. Sis that day changed my daughter's life because I know if I wouldn't have made that appointment with her that my daughter still wouldn't be able to see, and she would struggle every day. You all are amazing!! I thank you all so much for the gift you gave my daughter. -

  • Steph G.

    Ever since I can remember I struggled with concentrating while reading. Any kind of reading was hard for me whether it was reading teachers' notes on a white board, reading a text on my phone, or keeping my place in a book. Words were blurry or double and I constantly felt like I was straining to even decipher the letters. Because of this I had regular headaches. I remember telling my mom, “I think I need glasses” but I never did, and still don’t. I figured straining my eyes and headaches were just always going to be a part of my life. I left for college and the amount of notes and reading that was required exhausted my eyes to the point I was getting headaches regularly. Concentrating and keeping up in class was near impossible due to not being able to focus in on the board and my notes quickly enough. I was then diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 18 and put on medication. The meds didn’t seem to do much at all to help my concentration so I stopped taking them. I tried my best but the reading workloads got larger every year and I ended up leaving college. Recently I found out I have a convergence insufficiency. Dr. Sis explained to me what this meant and it all started to make sense. Vision therapy has improved my life in many ways! I no longer have to deal with blurry double vision and constantly losing my place while trying to read. Headaches are rare for me now, and my ADHD symptoms have also improved. I even started reading books in my free time again, which is something I hadn’t done since I was 14 years old. I looked forward to every therapy session with Dr. Sis and her staff, she really cares about your progress and is a joy to be around. My only regret is not knowing about my convergence insufficiency sooner! -

  • Tanner L.

    Within 6 months of starting vision therapy our son did a 180 degree turn around with his school work. He went from taking two hours to do his spelling and math homework with lots of help, to now doing the same work independently during his 15 minute bus ride home from school. He now draws with lots of detail, where before getting him to color in between the lines took a lot of pep talk and some bribery. His penmanship is now clear and perfect, whereas before it looked like someone half his age wrote it. It is truly unbelievable. With the changes he is a lot happier and more confident with school. Thank you for everything!!! -